• Zürich

    Best Workshops of Aesthetic Medicine in the World offered in 6 languages.

  • Milan

    I megliori Workshops di Medicina Estetica in Italia.

  • Miami

    World Congress of Aesthetic Medicine 2015.

  • Rio

    World Congress of Facial Plastic Surgery 2016

Aesthetic Medicine Buyers Guide & Events

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Distributors Leaders 

  • Styling Cosmetics Devices
    „Styling Cosmetics Devices GmbH.“
  • Dermocendal
  • Ademau
  • Laika-Altramid
  • Modern Jordanian Cosmetics
    „Modern Jordanian Establishment for Cosmetics & Supplies“
  • Al Sogair Group
    „RHB-Al Sogair Group“
  • Medical Partners
    „Medical Partners SRO“
  • Solros KK
    „Solros KK“
  • 3 Med Health Institute
    „3 Med Health institute.“
  • Endopeel Ukraine
    „Endopeel Ukraine.“
  • Anti Aging Medical Devices SRL
    „Anti Aging Medical Devices SRL“
  • Farmasera
  • Novaderm